The other day I was out for a run and was struck by an out of place smell . . . bad perfume.

As I covered the trail I met an older lady riding a golf cart who was covered in an aroma that should be outlawed.  Trails are made for sweat and other odors, not Eau de Toilette.

Perfume is a chemical, and chemicals dull the senses.  That means the more you wear a particular fragrance, the less you are able to smell it.

In some ways leaders can become a lot like that lady.  Habits can become ingrained, strategies can be outdated, and repetition can become almost sacred.  Unfortunately, the leader is sometimes the only one who doesn’t realize that his or her methods smell.

If you are a leader who is sold on a rigid routine in your organization, I suggest you take some time and evaluate your practices.

Perhaps there is a bad smell that you have gotten used to? Don’t believe me?  Maybe it’s time to ask someone in your circle who doesn’t wear your scent.



What is your least favorite smell?