Who Dug Your Well?

One of my favorite quotes is, “Those who drink the water should never forget those who dug the well.”

A couple of days ago we saw a great example of this being lived out as the Dallas Mavericks captured the NBA Championship over the Miami Heat.

When it was time for the trophy presentation, the Mavs billionaire owner Mark Cuban did the unthinkable.  Instead of receiving the trophy himself, he asked that it be presented to a man named Donald Carter.

Who is Donald Carter you ask?  He is the one who dug the well.

31 years ago it was Donald Carter who dreamed of there being a basketball franchise in Dallas.  Carter’s Mavs never won anything.  They only started something.

I can only imagine how humbled the 78 year old Carter must have felt when he was given the spotlight.  A spotlight that rightfully belonged to Cuban.

The often brash Cuban got it right Sunday night.  He remembered who dug the well.

Who dug your well?

Were it not for the efforts, the belief, the encouragement, or the investment of someone, there is a good chance you would not be where you are.  I know I sure wouldn’t be.

This week as you drink from your well, I challenge you to remember some of those who dug it.  Why not take a moment and drop them a note to express your gratefulness?

Always remember, “Those who drink the water should never forget those who dug the well.”






Who dug your well?  How did they help you?


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Scott Humphrey

10 years ago

You are right on Randy. I know that for me, Ron Moore dug that well and I will be forever in his debt!

John Alexander

10 years ago

I think another good question is? Are you digging a well for some one else.


10 years ago

Great question John!


10 years ago

I drank from the same well Scott!


10 years ago

Wow! I can’t even begin to thank all of those who have had a hand in digging the well in my life and who are continuing to dig a well for me.
I think I can show my gratitude by making sure I dig the well for others.


10 years ago

Me too RP!

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