Who is Holding Your Spotlight?

It is that time of year … can you say graduation? Many of the young people I know have been celebrating the accomplishment of a degree finished and a diploma earned.
I say, congratulations to those who have finished well.
Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the graduation of my niece, Jessica. It was a great day. During the valedictory address, a girl I had never met gave us all a good reminder. She said, “when you’re in the spotlight it’s because someone else is holding it.”
As leaders, we often find ourselves in the spotlight. Let’s not forget that others have helped us get here, and any success we have is as much due to their contribution as it is our own.
Take time today to walk around and express gratefulness to those you lead. Thank them for all the value they bring to your life.
Please don’t let the busyness of the day get in the way of showing appreciation to the ones holding your spotlight. In fact, why not put them in the spotlight today with your praise.
[Tweet “”Those who drink the water should never forget those who dug the well.” #Gratitude”]
[Tweet “”Accomplishment without appreciation is the definition of arrogance.” #Humility”]
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