Who's #1?

Who’s #1? Let the debate begin.

Yesterday the coaches preseason poll was released for college football. To no ones surprise, Florida State will begin the season with the bullseye squarely on their shoulders. Sorry state of Alabama, but they are #1. For now.

Here’s the thing. Where you start is not nearly as important as where you finish.

Thankfully, in January we will know who’s #1. Can you say playoff? I can’t wait!

For leaders, where you finish is rarely defined by where you start. I know many who have not only overcome challenges, but have used their obstacles to propel them to great things.

Personally I remember an August several years ago when I was a college freshman. Upon trying to register for an English class, the registrar informed me I wasn’t qualified to take English with everyone else.

“Remedial for you, Randy.”

I remember being ticked off, and frankly a bit embarrassed. Who needs English!

Faced with a choice, I decided to start where I was and sign up for the remedial class. I didn’t even know what remedial meant. It kicked my tail, but I passed.

Four years later I became the first person in my immediate family to obtain a college degree. And oh, by the way, I did so with a minor in English … Big Boy English.

Purchase a copy of FYWIf you had told the professor who taught my remedial class I would someday be a writer, she might have laughed. But thankfully, where you finish is rarely defined by where you start. 

Does today find you at a hard place, facing an overwhelming challenge? Is someone telling you that you aren’t qualified to be in the regular class? Do your circumstances make you want to throw in the towel? If so, congratulations. There is no where to go but up (sorry to end the sentence with a preposition).

Greatness is measured, not by where you start, but by what you do with your opportunity.

I encourage you to make your obstacles the rungs on your ladder of success. You can do anything you set your mind to if you will sign up, show up, and do the work. If you chose to, I predict you will find yourself rising toward #1.

Now, let’s go Auburn. War Eagle!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Who do you think will win the college football playoff in January?

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Mike "Coach" Brown

7 years ago

Okay, a lot of hope rests with everyone’s favorite team this time of year. Every team is undefeated at the start of the season. Optimism far outweighs pessimism until about October, then the tide of doubt and despair cracks the shell of optimism, except for but a handful. Will FSU withstand the assault? Will Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Auburn, Florida, USC, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma still cling to their optimism by the middle of the season, or will a Baylor, Miami, Georgia, South Carolina, UCLA, Penn State, or unlikely Northwestern or Stanford press for the top spot? Hope springs eternal in August… For me, undaunted, undeterred I offer my my “Chomp, Chomp, Chomp” – Go Gators!


7 years ago

Great comment! Spoken like an old Coach. Thanks!

Kim S

7 years ago

Wow~ I really needed this right now! Randy, you never know how much encouragement and enlightenment you give to someone by being vulnerable. It took courage to say “Yeah, I took remedial English – so what?!?”
Keep up the good work – and ummm….Randy…GO JSU Gamecocks!!!


7 years ago

I’m in on JSU!!! Thanks, Kim!

Darrell Whitton

7 years ago

You had me until the last statement!!!


7 years ago

Slow the roll on the Dawgs, D!

Jeremy Etress

7 years ago


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