Would Warren Buffett Buy Your Company?

Why is everyone so fascinated with Warren Buffett?  I will tell you why.  Money!

The guy is loaded.  But I would argue that what makes Buffett impressive is not his net worth, but his understanding of people.

When Buffett was recently asked what he looks for in a company before he gobbles it up he replied, “I look into their eyes and try to figure out whether they love the money, or if they love the business.  If they don’t love the business, I can’t put money into it.  (After acquisition) my job is to make sure that I don’t do anything that kills that love of the business.”

Turns out the rich guy is a wise guy too.  Shocker.

If Warren looked into your eyes would he see someone who loves the money or the work more?  Trust me, it shows.

People who love money are less dependable, lack commitment, and give the minimum effort.

People who love their work are passionate, committed, and trustworthy.

If you want to be a growing business, I suggest you surround yourself with people who are more committed to the mission than they are the money.

If your work has become nothing more than a way for you to make money then you have nothing more than a job.  But if you have discovered a place to pursue your passion and maximize your talents, you are marketable.

The first group complains a lot and carries around a sense of entitlement.  The second group really doesn’t care whether they are marketable or not.  They just want to do what they love to do. They are not making money, they are making art.

I think you will find that you will make a lot more money if you worry less about the money and focus more on becoming really good at what you do.

I bet you Warren would agree.



What do you look for in someone before you commit to doing business with them?

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10 years ago

In education, we remind ourselves constantly that we are doing what we do because we are making a difference in the lives of children. We have to put aside the problems of home, the complaining parents and govt officials, and the budget cuts. The great educators just want to do what they love to do. Teach! And yes, you can see it in their eyes. I know, because I work with 100+ daily. You hit the nail on the head today big brother.


10 years ago

Thanks bro. Keep making a difference!


10 years ago

Financial success is the byproduct of success!


10 years ago

That is very true Doc!


10 years ago

Business tends to be very transactional in today’s world and focuses on the exchange of goods or services. What’s missing? I believe the relational component of business is missing from today’s culture. If we purely focus on the transaction we miss the opportunity to get to know the other person/people and perhaps miss an opportunity to make a positive impact for Christ.
Does this take time and effort? Most definitely, but the long-term benefits from both a business and spiritual view are worth the extra work it takes to build meaningful relationships. As I look at potential business partners in my own work I always consider the relational aspect. BTW – Warren likes his CFA with pickles. 🙂


10 years ago

I like the pickles too Chris. Thanks for the comment!

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