Creative and artistic are not synonymous.  Everyone has the ability to be creative, but that doesn’t mean they should go anywhere near a paint brush.

All leaders possess the creative gene.  That’s because all of us were made by the Creator Himself.  Even an atheist has a hard time arguing against intelligent design.

The question, then, is whether you will allow your creativity to be unleashed.

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some of you have monster people skills while others would rather organize things behind the scenes. A few are creative in a brainstorming session, many are not.

There are writers, musicians, mathematicians, historians, communicators, athletes, decorators, theologians, and teachers who all bring different creative gifts to the table.  Our variety is immense, proving the imagination of God is limitless.

Are you using your unique strengths to make a difference?

Why not hone in on your top gift today and use it to inspire someone in a creative way?

Don’t forget.  You don’t have to be artistic to be creative!



Who do you know that inspires you with their creativity?