If you follow college football, you are probably aware that there are three or four teams that are receiving all of the press.

One team, however, seems to be overlooked.  The sixth ranked Wisconsin Badgers who are 6-0.

Compared to this year’s other Big Ten teams, Wisconsin plays “grown man” football.

After a recent Wisconsin game, I heard an interview with Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielma.  The reporter asked him if he thought the game had been won in the fourth quarter when Wisconsin’s offensive line began controlling the line of scrimmage.

Bielma didn’t blink and promptly said, “No, the game was won in the weight room and on the practice field over the past 364 days leading up to the game.”

The reporter was just as stunned as I was with the coach’s answer.

Bielma is obviously an ‘integrous’ leader.  For he understands that victory is not earned during the contest.  It is only recognized there.  Victory comes from all the hard work and discipline that is invested, when no one is looking, leading up to the contest.  In other words, you win before you play the game.

The Wisconsin football team has demonstrated character each Saturday this season, because they have made deposits over the last year when there were no TV cameras, media, or fans to be impressed.  Thus, when it is time to make a withdrawal, the resources are there to physically prevail.

Do you appreciate the importance of those moments when no one is looking?  I hope so.  For what you do in private will determine your level of success in public.

Make it a habit to do the right thing when there is no spot light and you will be prepared to perform when there is one.

Don’t forget, You don’t win on game day.  It only appears that way.  You win before you play the game.





Do you agree or disagree with this premise?