Over the past few days I have been dealing with a communication glitch in my organization. Nothing major, but definitely some noise from the masses. The fumble came in one of the departments I oversee. Ouch!!!

After nearly two decades, I am kicking myself for my part in the situation. I should know better. I underestimated the cost of change. I’m an idiot … have all run through my mind this week.

But then I’m reminded of something I once heard Henry Cloud say. “Your life is a movie, not a scene.” Too often, I get caught up in the scenes, thinking a difficult circumstance will be permanent. It never is.

The plot twists of leadership are many … like the salty bumps and curves of a pretzel.

It turns out our communication obstacle proved to be an opportunity. After taking responsibility for our mistake with a simple, “I’m sorry,” the tables have turned. Those who were upset are now singing our praises for being such tuned in leaders. Turns out I’m a genius … at least for this act of the story.

If today you find yourself in a pretzel place, may I suggest you remember your life is a movie, not a scene.



Is there a hard area in your life where something seems permanent, but is really temporary?